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What a crazy week this has been. I read on here about the "poly rollercoaster" and now i know what that means.
Originally Posted by myzka View Post
did you actually say that your wife is going to spend time with a friend or a boyfriend to your lady of interest?
No, I didnít say boyfriend. But the fact that my wife is spending four days in another state with another man, I figured would be enough to start the questions rolling. It took longer than I thought. I told her Sunday, and she didnít start asking questions until Wednesday. She asked all sorts of questions about my marriage, how happy we are, how did I know I wanted to marry her, etc. I slowly laid out the facts that Flea and I trust each other and that I have free reign to pretty much do as I please. Yesterday I finally told her the exact nature of our relationship. I think it kind of overwhelmed her. At first I think she thought I was telling her that Flea was cheating on me. Then she started to understand what I was saying. Sheís floored by the fact that I'm okay with Flea sleeping with another man. She asked me where she fits into all of this. I told her that she fit wherever she wants to, and I reassured her that I am not trying to trick, or pressure her into anything she doesnít want.

I explained the concept of poly to her and told her that it's not about the sex, but making connections with other people. She basically said that she would have to sleep on it so she could get a better perspective. She usually emails me in the mornings, and it's now just past noon. Havenít heard anything yet. I really care for her as a friend, and I hope this hasnít jeopardized that.
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