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Your boyfriend knows you are poly I think no? and knows you can find love in many different places and that doesn't mean that love is lessoned right? So trust in that within yourself and him. just because you love him doesn't mean you are now expected to be shackled to him. You don't need to expect yourself to do that and it doesn't sound like he is expecting you to do that.

That being said, running out and finding someone new is not necessarily the answer either, but you can relax and be open to what comes into your life knowing that you love him and he you...

I would suggest going and doing some fun stuff that you want to do. Check out your bucket list and see what you could accomplish on your own that makes you happy. See what friends you can make and who comes into your life and tell him all about it. You don't have to talk to him about it but you could email him about it as a way to stay connected. That way he keeps up and you feel like you have a way of being in his life when he isn't around. He also will feel confident of your love and that you are keeping yourself busy and entertained.

Don't forget, we are all independent people who come into each others lives. It's a matter of figuring out a routine and a dynamic that works and is healthy... regardless of how much time we have for one another... we all have to go out and take on our own lives while loving and cherishing those we pick to be in them. At least that has what has worked for me
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