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Hi Seeking,

I know your pain from all this - I really do. Been in your position at least once


Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
Firstly, my connection with D is most puzzling because really I should be hating her and wanting to scratch her eyes out for giving in to S's advances.
Ooooooooo - k.......

"Should be" ? Who determines what "should" be ?
Society ? Family ?
If you subscribe to the concept that we create our own reality, isn't it up to you to determine what "should be" for you ?

And maybe more importantly - what is REAL ?
What part of you knows somewhere inside what may be the best path for you - and those you love. What IS real to you ?
Seems you have your answer maybe ?

Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
............ He has opened up into someone I never thought he could be- openly affectionate with unguarded sincerity. There is finally a spring in his step after so long which means he was living a tortured existence these past months. He was always so serious and cool and guarded.
Compersion. The feeling of joy when we feel the joy of our partner. Which somehow always ends up spilling over to us in a variety of subtle ways....Connection.

Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
When I see him kiss and hug D,, I feel soft and warm inside which further confuses me. Shouldnt I be jealous? Shoudlnt I be revolted by the image of the two of them entwined in passion. No I am not.
Ummmmm - back to that same "should" question.
And back to "what is real ?" Which is the path with heart ?

Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
All this is new to my mono wired mind. And yes.. its weird.
Yes - it IS new.
And really - what do we expect from ourselves when faced with something new. A little discomfort. A little struggle. All pretty normal stuff right ?
You'll get there - if it's the right thing for you.

You're approach impresses me.
Just breath deep, keep focused on what is real.


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