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My partners and I currently consider ourselves open & swinging poly. For us, that means that we have a committed, emotionally-connected poly triad but we are free to hang out with and have sex with whomever we want outside of that triad (and we are open to playing together with others at events and/or with a couple friend they have been swinging with for about five years) it's not really a requirement to share thost trysts, though, we do. We agree to only be emotionally connected to each other (on a companionship/intimate level) and to only have unprotected sex with each other. If and when the time comes that any of us meet someone we believe would be a good additional partner we would then discuss our thoughts about it with each other, with the person, and probably arrange some quality time where we all can hang out and see if it is a possible for us all. Now, in this case, it probably wouldn't be a 'no-go' if the person wasn't interested in all of us as a group (fmf) in an intimate way but it would probably be a 'no-go' if the person was not open to connecting with all of us emotionally.

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