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I like most of the things I'm hearing, they're very helpful. Thunder says after I'm done with this post he'll make his own account and add to the thread.

The main issue isn't that Thunder has a problem with something, it's how he handles himself around others while he has it. We've been talking about it a lot today, trying to find different ways to say it. I'm fine with someone needing alone time while they're upset about something so they can process, calm down, whatever they might need to do. However, I've learned over the years that if you go for that time by yourself and the way you got it was to push everyone away by ignoring them or being short and abrupt, those people are still upset when you come back and you're better.

It's possible that some of us ask him too much if he's okay, or what's wrong. I know Ariel has a tendency to push continuously because she thinks he'll never admit anything otherwise. Myself, I asked him once. He wasn't rude, but it was still very obvious that things weren't fine. Even though how he handled being in the same room with the rest of us (even for five minutes) made me irritated, I still left him alone because I know that's how he is.

I'm not at the point with this that makes me want to consider dropping him at all; we did just begin our relationship, it's very possible that these things will work themselves out. Anyway, I'll let Thunder make his account and say what he wants about it. Maybe it'll give more insight.
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