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oh sigh, I am sick today and don't have a lot of energy to catch up even though my mind is a whirl of new things coming into my head about the living arrangement we have created...

I am finding that my time with each guy is shifting and possibly with others too.. I am spending, right now, early evenings with PN and later evenings with Mono. half the night upstairs and the other half downstairs. then I often go up to sleep with PN. I prefer that because I want him to feel safe in our relationship and not become threatened by Mono's presence and also because the outside stairs suck in the cold and rain in the morning when I am half asleep. Twice now I have had to go back down because I forgot to bring something up... not only that PN brings me coffee in bed and a cuddly cat and boy come and visit first thing

I get alone time, but in a different way now. When PN went to bed I was alone, chatting to Mono via text and being on-line. I stayed up until 1 most nights in order to get some time to myself... now that time is taken up hanging out with him downstairs and I find it hard to find time to do my own thing... even late at night! sigh... how to work that out. I love just sitting beside him sewing my burlesque outfit for the show next week, or being on-line, but he talks incessantly to himself and I think he is talking to me ( so cute). Heh, hope you don't mind my sharing that Mono... the upshot is that I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK! I want to be near him though... what to do?

the other thing I have noticed is that Mono doesn't spend as much time with us as a group. he used to stay for supper, used to come over after work... now he comes home and is here, but not upstairs.

We have some balance to work out on all of it... early days, I know, but all to be worked out none-the-less.
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