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(I am typing this from a cell phone, which we will all likely come to regret presently.) Thunder's attitude is a problem that concerns everyone. it concerns us in the sense that we have all sat him down both one by one and all together many, many times. to us it's a concern over expectations being met. He has needs that aren't being met, which makes him very unhappy. his needs aren't being met because if they are ever communicated, it's always done too little and too late, when there's nothing anyone can do about it. The other day he wanted attention from everyone, and when we tried to pay him attention because we had deduced that such was his need on our own, he pushed us away. Now personally that makes me angry, and that's my own conflict to overcome, but no one else is willing to put up with that behavior regardless of what reaction they have to it. Unwillingness to communicate, despite its cost to the relationship is a great way to drivioers to leave, and generally sending a very cold and uncaring message
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