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Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
@TL4- It's too bad you haven't had any good experiences on there. I don't agree that it sucks for guys. I mean, I met my only local guy friend on OKc last summer and I met my current male/female partner on OKc (plus I have met some cool guys for hanging out on there over the last two years) and they both (males) initiated the dialogue. My local guy friend is like an OKc pimp. He is always going out with chicks from the site. So...maybe you should offer some bloodletting or a spanking or something. :P
As a 100% straight male, for sucks.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Welcome to the forums

hehe...okc does generally suck if you are a guy. you can find endless complaints about how horrible it is if you aren't a woman ..its a long standing argument.
I had no idea it was an "argument". LOL I just chalked it up as guys and girls. Any time there is a place for guys to meet girls, it turns into a sausage fest, unless regulated. (which is next to impossible on OKC. It is also why my wife and I are trying to develop a poly site which is going to be set up to have "couple" profiles in addition to "single" profiles.
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