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Originally Posted by Seekinganswer View Post
@redpepper... my emotions are up an down as I wrote here:

Somehow my own thread is dormant so Im responding to S and D's thread. I'd love to hear how others handled the doubt while trying to accept poly. It feels like Im just about to step off a cliff...
responding here as this is the thread I think you thought was dormant...

I think the whole thing takes time and patience and a whole lot of reading, and searching for commonalities with others. There are a lot of great resources. Most of which are mentioned on this forum if you do a search and look at things that interest you. I suggest all of you do that. Get to know the language, the values, the realities of different peoples journeys. You will find, I think, that you will slowly become accustom to acceptance and find your place within that...

tag searches for you to start off with would be "metamours" and "mono/ploy" I think... go tot he search engine on the forum and tag search for these and see what you find. I can think of a number of threads that might be useful...
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