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Originally Posted by MariusdeRomanus View Post

That statement would be fine if we were still just friends. If we were just friends, I could go hang with someone else and not have to deal with it, because it wouldn't be my problem. But instead, I'm in a relationship with him. Being upset about something and needing time, I can hang with. Shoving people away like that, I can't.
Meh, it sounds like you want him to be something he is not. Since you seem to be in touch with what is actually going on, why not just accept that this is how he deals with his shit? If he was "just a friend" you'd be ok with it? This is more about your issues than his. What about the other people? Is anyone else having problems with the way he deals with his moodiness? It comes down to what people say on here a lot: only YOU are in control over whether or not your needs are being met. As long as he treats everyone with basic respect, I fail to see why he should change his ways if it works for him. You CAN "go hang with someone else" until he comes out of his mood. You have four other people with whom to do so.

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