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Talking Down to your toes

Originally Posted by damncatfish View Post
.... I haven't completely let go of the feeling that I'm doing something wrong when I approach other women....
I recommend examining this feeling, and any associated sub- or semi-conscious thoughts, as deeply and thoroughy as you are able. Seriously, set aside some quiet time; maybe even keep a pencil and paper handy..., and look very carefully at what's going on within you. Think of it as an archaeological dig. Find burried thingies down there, carefully -- don't damage them! Dust them off with care and compassion and curiosity and patience. Then examine the mysterious thingies until you know them well. That's part A. Part B should arise out of successfully working part A. So I won't even mention part B just now. I'll just say about part B that you may find yourself changing your mind -- but all the way down to your toes.
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