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The sexual side of poly is worlds different than swinging (why does this keep coming up... I feel like I repeat myself over and over... It makes me stronger everytime in my convictions)!

It is like the difference between drinking a really good latte or an intant coffee (to those in Britain, I realize this analogy might be off as I know you generally drink instant coffee).
There is nothing like sex with connection, love and the lust that comes from needing and wanting to be close to someones soul, not just their interesting body.

Swinging, as I have said before, is akin to masterbating in someone elses body. Having poly relationships with others above and beyond your primary partner has the potential to be far deeper and as spiritual bonding as a primary relationship.

I am finding that poly has changed me in ways I am not able to articulate yet. Its coming and I will certainly write when I know, but my understanding of myself and who I am in the world has changed. I am surrounded by love and support in ways I never have need before. Not only that it has changed how I interact with my husband.

No my friend, it is very different than a flash in the pan swinging night or going to meet someone with the intention of having sex with them without the connection.
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