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Before my bf and I became an actual couple but had been dating for months we had to stop seeing each other for awhile. He and his wife had some issues which I was told had nothing to do with me but still to make her feel more comfortable about the other situation he volunteered to get rid of me. It totally hurt that he didnt think I was special enough to want to keep. Since i was on the outside of their relationship, I hadnt been seeing anyone but him and didnt go find anyone to see right after so i had only had support from my bestfriend and sister. What was hardest is he told me by text, and all he said was "some things went down that dont involve you but I cant see you anymore" I was shocked, i just got dumbed by text all i was responded was wow that sucks and he said yep but that was it he never talked to me again until about 2-3weeks later when his wife contacted me asking me to come try and hang out all together and work things out because she just wanted him to be happy and she felt bad that he had given up something that was important to him. I dnt know if it was stupid of me but i went back and we worked things out became better friends than we were before, his wife as well and now things are great.

March 26, 2009

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