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thank you shrodingers cat & others.

she's bcome accepting of it. not 100%. but she asked why i can't do anything on wed. nights & i told her i didn't want to discus it if she was going to freak out.

she rolled her eyes & sad you are so fucken weird. i told her i don't want to be with strangers & it makes me happy. she knows how unhappy i was for the past 5 years.

yes, i want her to tell me what's going on in her life. i want to b available for questions. she does think i know nothing & make dumb choices. but she knows this family fora while, so how can she not think that it's a good choice. they are good hearted people. there's not much for her to say except that shedoens't agree.

at least she's talking to me. my son has no comment on the issue.
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