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Default No pressure

A, i feel what you are going through and i trully understand you. i know those thoughts will keep coming and you cant control them. I have tried talking to you, but i think am not the right person to do that. Why should you step aside if S says tha for him to be complete, you have to be part of this?. have u realised that he is happier now?, i believe you do, given what you've writen "He has opened up into someone I never thought he could be- openly affectionate with unguarded sincerity". this is not only because am back in his life but because you are part of it too, do i need to quote the phrases he emphasized of how much he loves for you to understand, be assured he does. A, i know you are going through alot, and just tell me what do you want me to do for you to feel better or at ease?, tell me please. do u want me to leave??,

I dont want you to feel pressured at the moment coz i know your going through a very tough time??, i understand you, so does S, what can we do or what can i do for you to feel better?
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