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Things are going along. Time is healing my bruises. I am involved in a theater project which has me acting as happy as I possibly can LOL so I wasn't able to stay depressed for a while. I have given myself a break. I didn't seek out trying to get the answers of WHY WHY WHY solved instead I have accepted that I was wounded and I have moved on. Red Pepper is right the lesson I learned even if I didn't realize it was just because I am living honestly and openly now, it won't make it right for everyone. He's gone, I am not going to seek him out or anything. Stupidly I emailed him in the height of my despair many many many weeks ago one line from my show, which reflected how I loved him but I didn't get a response. I didn't really expect to.

I am struggling with intimacy now but working slowly to regain it. I feel so vulnerable...

I also learned who my true friends are and was quite surprised and in a pleasant way.

I am grappling with the fact that I am still the same person that I was before him. Nothing has changed there... how am I going to handle it? I don't know. It is kind of neat but also kind of scary too.

My birthday passed and so ok... it wasn't the best birthday ever but... it passed. I am gonna have a funtastic weekend getting dressed up and looking forward to it!
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