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Ok I'm back, I just typed a novel that took 30 minutes to write up in response to the questions, but the website decided to log me out and delete the text when I tried to post it. I refuse to type all of that again, so here's the quick version

I moved from Germany to Virginia. sorry about my extremely delayed response

I think I have developed a sex phobia due to past relationships that turned sour after sex, sometimes my fault, sometimes their fault.

I do not trust love. Many men will say anything for sex. i need a guy who's truly attracted to me, not just what I can do to him.

I don't want to have sex with anyone right now.

Currently, a friend I've known for a little over a year who just happens to live 15 minutes away from where I've moved to, has expressed having a sexual interest in me, literally about 2 hours ago.

I do not want a fuck buddy

... yup, that was the jist of it, I may fill in details later...
When one limits themselves in terms of love, they have missed the point of love altogether ~ RazeGeneration
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