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[QUOTE=MonoVCPHG;50604]This is where you will need to look inside yourself very hard and ask what is really important and if it can be achieved with a married man or with a man you share in general.

if you can achieve this with an already married man in our current society. Are you ready for that challenge? Is it an additional layer of struggle that you will embrace?

Why would I put questions out there that seem to be skewed or stacked against a positive outlook? To get you to think, to question and face aspects of reality when you go down this path. Maybe everything you want can be achieved with this couple. Time to ask them idf they are willing to put the work into fulfiling your future the way they want you to fulfill thiers.

Thank you Mono, i ahve already thought about all that, yes i i would prefer the ideal thing of getting married to the man i love and we have our own kids, something comfortable and acceptable to me and society. But the love i feel for him overcomes the fears i had in this path am taking. Indeed its achallenge esp to me, both A and S have achieved some of their dreams and i havent, am just starting, sometimes am worried about how life will be but am hopeful and i believe nothing is impossible and given that we are open and honest to each other, i believe we can make it.
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