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Default Getting better

Thank you S for your reply, it makes me feel at ease that you have a postive attitude towards the whole idea. I wish Awould also be like that. iI know this is all new to us, and i would prefer A not to run away from it but rather try and embrace it. Who knows?, maybe it is more beautiful than the mono -relationships. Am already feeling beter than th last three weeks, i feel free and peaceful, i am happy but am not convinced that A is there yet. I want her to be calm and comfortable but at the same time i know, she has to heal first for the Betrayal we caused her .

A forgave me, and right now we are like sisters , one might wonder how fast this is happening, but he is one lady in a million who has got the kindest, understanding and compassionate heart.
S is unique and special in a way. He is so loving, kind and sweet, caring and understanding too. No wonder he connects with A, coz they are somehow the same apart from a few traits. They have both been a blessing to me. Special thanks to them. I love you both and and all am asking for is the unbreakable bond of love, respect, acceptance, acknowledgement and approval between us. We should be Honest, open, trusting with clear communication between us. we should also allow mutual acceptance, support and understanding towards one another that is if we are to go ahead with this.

Is there somebody in our shoes?, please share the experience you are going through....

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