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Originally Posted by Timoval View Post

Are we using Polyamory as a way to legitimise the fact that we would like multiple partners with the approval and participation of our spouses?

Or is it just a label for a sexual adventure?
I honestly think it is used both ways. This is not my opinion; this is what I see first hand in the poly community.

I used to judge and get caught up in a form of "disapproval" because I personally wouldn't be healthy in a "sexual adventure" approach. The key is that I would not be healthy; others can be and may be.

Now that I have come to the realization that other people's relationships are not mine I am much more open to the various approaches to poly for what they are.

That does not mean I like to see the term abused by those who are dishonest in what they are looking for or use it to manipulate a partner. It just means if everyone is honest about what they want from relationships then I am fine with it.

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