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Default In the classic style of AA meetings everywhere

I'm Karen. I'm in a steady relationship right now working towards starting a poly household...which seems to be beginning to resemble a commune. My guy's a biker, a serial monogamist until he wasn't anymore and I'm proud to say that I started out polyamorous, never tried anything else and it worked out pretty damn well for me.

I'm not open-minded enough to be pansexual but I'm close enough that there's no better word. I work where and when I can find it, slowly working on entering the mental health field after endless exams, alphabet soup and far, far too many people overly concerned with my income.

I/we are actively, publicly and most emphatically involved in BDSM...But I try not to brag. I got pointed here by a stray Okcupid post.
"The story has not ended, the fat lady has not sung. Many more gods will die and others will be born. Life on earth is not as boring as you make it sound to be."
-Fred Kranich
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