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He was, at the time, genuinely confused as to how or why I would be upset. As mentioned though, this was over a year ago now, and is something that we sat down and discussed ad nauseum.

If polyamory were the only issue on the table, then I don't think that we would be as frustrated as we both are. The additional communication that polyamory brought with it highlighted some of our individual (as well as couple) weaknesses. We've been struggling with those as well.

We tried couples counseling with someone we were referred to as a possible poly-friendly counselor. He ended up being completely the wrong fit for us as well as, from comments he made from time to time, possibly not so poly-friendly. We didn't realize until my boyfriend began individual counseling over a month ago that our previous therapist had been a wrong fit for us. Experience, as always, is a tough teacher.

We are working on things...and talking about things...but its still frustrating for both of us. I need things to stay the way they are until we get our own issues figured out at the same time as he is chomping at the bit to really get his relationship with his (other) girlfriend underway.
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