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@redpepper- lol...Thanks. My decision as far as handling the situation was already made prior to posting. It's just good to get feedback from like-minded people. The parents already know and we have already seen and greeted each other but this was going to be my official introduction as a part of the family as I interacted with my partners and the parents together during an annual family gathering they have.

@pancake- It can be nerve-wrecking when it is on your mind all day, huh? Of course we know, communication is key in all relationships, clear and concise, and we (my partners and I) are all good at communicating so they anxiously await my return home so that we can have our discussion.

@grounded- I think I mentioned that she is short on time. Between working two jobs, all of her city council meetings, political online monitoring, etc...I don't always get the timely feedback I would like. Understand, the connection was already developed between she and I. These incidents have happened this month. I think you referring to 'correspondence' connection and I am talking about 'foundation of the relationship' connection.

I'm sorry but I don't play games in relationships; therefore, I don't put my 'representative' forward. That is one thing that really irritates me with the society we live in...people accept wearing masks as the norm and make no big deal about it. To me, it shows signs of maturity when you are comfortable enough with yourself to be forthcoming and genuine from the beginning...allowing yourself (flawed, damaged, and sometimes wrong) to come to the party. So, no, that is not how it least not in the relationships I involve myself in and I don't view my partners as those sort of people since I learned and experienced plenty of not so appealing, verbally or visually, early on. None of us are afraid to be who we are.

lol...that is actually the word I meant to use GroundedSpirit - balance. Thanks for the correction. I'm the sacrificial lamb in this relationship. I have always been the bender, the more flexible, the one who can go more with the flow than I observe and define my tolerances in a relationship.

Thanks for all of your feedback.

@Neon- Thanks. No, you’re absolutely right. I can see how my statements seem inconsistent. My first statement about ‘the focus not being a triad’ was solely in response to your post about ‘focusing on the individual versus triad relationship’. I was indicating that the focus/point of my posting wasn’t about the ‘triad’. As stated, the focus was being/feeling connected/included when we are all together at this point which is the same connectivity I have/would expect in the presence of other close parties in my life. I’m all about connectivity/energy lines and I feel things which my partners have experienced a couple of times since we have been together. Sidenote… it would be idealistic to believe that, as humans, we are consistent, especially, in thought and emotion.
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