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Originally Posted by diane View Post
am a young lady who also needs a life and a family with kids, how is it all possible, if someone has gone through the same please talk to us.
This is where you will need to look inside yourself very hard and ask what is really important and if it can be achieved with a married man or with a man you share in general.

Are you going to want a wedding that your Dad can give your hand away in? One where your mother will beam at how lucky you are at catching that finding that special man who will look after you under the idea of "forever" and be true to you as most of society sees it? One that your current friends will support and be truly happy for you? Are you wanting to have family get together with your own children and neighbors or thier school mates and feel completely accepted?

If you answered yes to some of these now is the time to really think about if you can achieve this with an already married man in our current society. Are you ready for that challenge? Is it an additional layer of struggle that you will embrace?

Why would I put questions out there that seem to be skewed or stacked against a positive outlook? To get you to think, to question and face aspects of reality when you go down this path. Maybe everything you want can be achieved with this couple. Time to ask them idf they are willing to put the work into fulfiling your future the way they want you to fulfill thiers.

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