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Well I'm going through this right now so I'm prob not much help since I'm just as confused.

I have a new bf and I've told my eldest sister and couple friends that hes married and we're in a poly relationship. Mostly i've gotten curious/good responses from friends except one who totally said it was horrible, then my sister has made it clear she doesnt aprove but shes is still being supportive and understanding, i dont blame her because i know shes doing it because she loves me and thinks the best thing for me is to have the 1 guy totally devoted me. Of course she is wrong because Im very happy with my bf hes amazing and I that makes me want to tell more people mainly my mother, (who constantly bugs me to date so i want to be like hah look at my hot sweet amazing bf)but i cant obviously because if he comes around they will notice his wedding ring which I would never ask him to remove.

I brought him on a big group date with a large chunk of my friends and a cousin, i introduced him a my bf and that was it. Everything went well, we had a great night but after he left 1 friend asked me if that was a wedding ring he was wearing so i said yes and explained, he also expressed his concern for my feelings like my sister but also understood.

Ive tried practicing with strangers to get better at explaining it, i say it casually just to see their reaction like I'll say "oh my bfs wife blah blah" whatever im talking about and only once I've gotten a negative response and it was an asshole asking since I was free to date if I wanted to hook up, he seemed to think it was all about sex which its not we have a relationship and care for each other we arent swingers.

March 26, 2009

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