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Ok now........

Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
@Grounded- Thanks. That's the thing...she and I connect perfectly and he and I connect perfectly and they are under the impression that everything connects perfectly
Sounds good - but in your first post you led us to believe she was somewhat ignoring you - or at least seemingly putting you in a lower priority position (the messages & emails you mentioned).
So would you say that is behavior that indicates 'perfect connection' ?
Or does this situation require a step back & look again ?
How do you define "connection" ????

Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
and, at one time, it seemed that way but since we have spent more time together as a triad over the last month than we have the entire five, it has become much clearer to me.
Isn't this typical of any new relationship ? Everyone on their best behavior, mask solidly in place.........
Eventually all that wears off. Then you get to figure out how to best deal with day-to-day reality, right ?

Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
In my case, yes, we Do have to eventually have somewhat equal relationships because we are not interested in developing a 'v' relationship. We want an all-inclusive relationship that we want to expand to include a couple of other long-term, committed, in-house people as time goes on.
Something about that word - "equal" - makes hair stand up on my neck
It's a word all too commonly used in power dynamics. Nothing is ever "equal" unless it gives up it's individuality.
Instead, what many of us strive for is BALANCE. And in balance their is a give & take. Some sacrifice involved. Just the right amount - not too much.

Out of time........keep posting.

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