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Originally Posted by Ssebo View Post
Quite simply, an affair is ... "a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration" ... and this does not feel like it. Some could argue though as it originates from the French "a faire" - to do... and yes, I chose to do it.

That is about the only statement in your post where I would like to agree with you that we disagree on that. Not disclosing a ONE-TIME slip is the same as not disclosing an ongoing "affair". Technically, we are back on the a faire - to do. You do it once or more often - no difference. It's double standards and opens the door to really silly arguments... "I only did it once (with her, and her and her)"... or "I only did it ONE-TIME (a day, a week, month...). The basics would be no different, it still is "Cheating" once or more... and I would have felt the same after ONE-Time or as now the ongoing "affair".
Why do i get the feeling that you are bogging down the fact that you had a secret connection and sex with another woman with semantics... I am not understanding why the root of the word affair has anything to do with what you did.

Look, you cheated, you had an affair... the words do not matter so much as the meaning behind them... everyone who has fucked someone other than their partner without their consent or knowledge knows that they have had an affair or cheated... why is this so hard for you to comprehend? I don't get it.

What's going to happen now anyway? You said the meeting went well... what does your wife think of it all?
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