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Default It's a funny life

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
...It's a funny life. It seems more and more people are discovering that 'being fully alive' does not fit well within all the rigid boundaries imposed by eons of power structures...
Thank you GS. you are right to the point. We wonder most of the time through life wondering and "feeling" something else is there and can not explain... until much later or after. It is the 3rd time for me to (re)discover emotional freedom and attempting to disregard societal expectations. I just wish I would have been more persistent to have taken SA on this journey from the start at the engine and not the last wagon. I can only try (and I will!) to make mends and to make up and path the way together to enjoy this life with SA with lower, less or no boundaries but the one's we set for us.

"Just for today..."
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