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Originally Posted by ThatRomanticGeek View Post
Okay, I deserve that.

But the thing is, I don't really dig on poly girls. That's why I claim to be mono, because that's what I want. So I really do feel like I'm trapped.
Whats your take on poly girls? They are as diverse as any group I have been in. My wife is a hippy and my gf is a cowgirl. I know of right wing to left wing, to comicon to communal types. Its a huge range of people, its just unfortunately that poly is very hidden sometimes

Is the problem you want to find a woman to commit to you? Where poly girls won't offer that monogamous mindset?

In either case, not being able to find someone to fill that need does not make you "not" poly. It just means you haven't found someone to be poly with.
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