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@Grounded- Thanks. That's the thing...she and I connect perfectly and he and I connect perfectly and they are under the impression that everything connects perfectly and, at one time, it seemed that way but since we have spent more time together as a triad over the last month than we have the entire five, it has become much clearer to me. In my case, yes, we Do have to eventually have somewhat equal relationships because we are not interested in developing a 'v' relationship. We want an all-inclusive relationship that we want to expand to include a couple of other long-term, committed, in-house people as time goes on.

I understand the discussion and decision-making process in general takes time when it comes to other things like their decision to work on having a baby or the refinancing of the house but that does not (or should not apply) to things that directly affect my activity and/or role in the relationship. That is more of a polygamous attribute and I've done my time in that relationship style.

I'm very patient but I am also very observant and have been seeing something since day one that has yet to show any sign of changing which will eventually become an issue in the relationship. I'd rather let it be known now so that I can either stop being so considerate of all of their desires and start fulfilling my own through other avenues or they can make a more conscious effort to work on it. I operate in an all-inclusive way. That's all I'm asking them to do so...we will see how they view it.

Thanks again.
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