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Originally Posted by ThatRomanticGeek View Post
I'm so frustrated and lonely. I love Michelle, but I want so very badly some of the NRE she's had.
It's such a catch-22. I love my wife and kids, but I want more. I can't have what I want unless my wife and I transition away from our marriage. I don't want to transition away from our marriage unless I have something (other than being alone) to transition to. Which brings me back to loving the wife and kids but wanting more.
You would give up your wife for some NRE? What happens when the NRE goes away, and it always does eventually?

If you can love your wife and another, that is poly. That you prefer mono women, there is nothing wrong with that. However, what it sounds like is that you are still stuck on ONE mono woman and translating that to everyother woman you may meet. Do you really think Bree would happily just accept you back if you divorced your wife?
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