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TRG. I think most mono's here may agree, or may not. But not being able to find someone to date is different than being completely incapable of being with multiple loves.

My wife, Michelle, is poly. I'm... I'm not. I tried to have a thing with a girl (I've referred to as Bree previously), but she couldn't deal with the married man thing, freaked out, and quit talking to me
It's such a catch-22. I love my wife and kids, but I want more. I can't have what I want unless my wife and I transition away from our marriage.
...If you go back and read some of the things Mono has said about his feelings on being very monogamous, its the polar opposite of ever wanting anyone else. It reads like you could be poly but haven't found your "other(s)" yet

I know exactly one girl who I know views me as sexy and attractive in multiple dimensions, but, contrary to the signals she's sending, she apparently doesn't want to pursue anything.
Shes a flirt. Lots of girls flirt, and love to flirt but really don't want anything. Lots of girls also love to flirt with married men, we are safe and disarming. Just a fact of life. Doesn't mean all girls who flirt actually want anything to happen.

I might be wrong, I am just going by what I read there.

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