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Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
.......... I, however, am not one of those people. That is another traditional, conditioned mindset that people have to grow away from.
Well there, another approach.
All approaches are equal as long as one is willing to accept the consequences that come with the decision

But I do have to call out the stereotype of "traditional, conditioned mindset".....

If you are one who has actually had some experience in living together with groups of people - lovers or not - you soon learn it takes something special to make it work. Nothing about this is "traditional" but I will grant it IS conditioned ! Conditioned from experience. Having lived in groups numerous times - with lover and non-lovers - we've seen the risk in moving too fast. Great relationships soured - not completely - but damaged.
Once someone gets "in" it can be extremely difficult to get "out". Or to be the one pushing for the exit. Not fun.

And maybe some other's experiences have been different. Culture undoubtedly plays a large role in this. For example, I've seen large numbers of immigrants stuffed into a one bedroom apt and managing quite nicely. But that was a mode they were accustomed to living in all their lives, so to them is normal.

But for those who've been used to a bit more space, AND a bit more privacy, it can be a huge adjustment. One some people just can't make. You forgot to wipe up that ketchup spot - GET OUT ! I've seen it

Forewarned is forearmed. Nothing more

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