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Default Slow down

Hi Ambleew,

Welcome to the group.
I'm sure you're going to find a number of people chime in with the sentiment I'm going to share.


You've only known this girl for a month ! This is not nearly long enough to know her well enough to determine what conflicts may arise if you were living together. Everyone is still on their best behavior and drunk in NRE

Living together is a whole different ball of wax ! All manner of sniggley things come up that can ruin an otherwise wonderful relationship.

There's quite a lot already written here on the forum regarding this so do a little search. If I recall there's actually a complete (and active) thread dedicated to more or less this topic.

If she is about to be out in the street - well - maybe you have to do what you have to do - no different than you might for a stranger. But you AREN'T strangers ! So the interaction will be loaded with gunpowder. I'd try to find some way to help her other than moving her in if possible and let the relationship continue to move in whatever direction it will. As wonderful as it seems now, trust me, things ARE going to change in a number of ways before it all settles in. Better to have it settle softly than crash and break on the rocks.

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