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I think it's not just a matter of numbers, but of how people evolve in different ways. I'm still close to some people I rarely see or talk to, whenever we do it's like we never left, and we're the best of friends again.

However, I've lost contacts with my bio family as well. It happened a few years ago, I never came out to them as either poly, childfree or vegetarian (the latter being the one I know they'd take the worst, go figure).
So there isn't really a "they don't accept me the way I am now that I've come out". There was a disconnect even before then, really.

I can't seem to be saddened by it. These people were very important to me as I grew up, and I share memories and running jokes with them that nobody else does. But they're like these roommates I used to have, that I wasn't really compatible with, but hey, you live together so you make the best of it, and some of your memories will be positive ones.

So I guess compared to you I have lost them, as they were never that close, and I never saw myself staying close to them my own life... Blood connections don't mean you get along with people, have the same values, have the same goals.

But there were friends I was close to who just changed in a way diametrically opposed to mine, and we just drifted apart. This is sadder, as they are people I chose to spend time with, and in the end, we just lost one another. It's particularly sad when I try to keep in touch and they are the ones with other interests and who don't respond or seem to care.

In the end, the people I have in my life right now are the ones who know and understand me best. They're the supportive ones. They're the ones I want to be with, and it makes it all better, because as sad as it is to lose people you cared for, I'm still incredibly lucky. I think that's what really matters in the end
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