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River,you are right,I do have some self esteem issues relating to my childhood and ongoing relationship with my father. He has exactly the same personality but is more volatile and explosive. I spoke to my partner about it tonight and he said 95% of the time I have good self esteem but occasionally I have what he termed 'meltdowns' over things I don't have control over and can't solve immediately. I have started doing some grounding and body awareness exercises again that I learnt in my anxiety disorder treatment and after a couple of sessions I'm gaining back my centre,but I know I must work at it long term.
RP,I'm so glad you said that about the computer,I need to learn to do that..log off,switch off and go get some fresh air or do some exercise. And yes I am also asserting my space more,I need lots of 'time out' but also need to use it more productively and not ruminate.
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