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Default New to the Site and Polyamory

Hello there. My name is Jay and I'm 18 from Upstate, New York. I'm currently a sophomore in college with a major in Social Work, emphasis on LGBTQ Studies. I'm newly single, just got out of a relationship with my best friend whom is a cis-female pansexual aromantic. I'm pansexual with a genuine lean towards guys and the masculine spectrum. While sex with my girlfriend is alright, I find sex with guys and queers much more satisfying. (I absolutely hate the amount of labels there are now..)

I'm interested in polyamory only because I don't see myself settling down with just one person, at least for now. I'm interested in talking to other people about it and learning more about it.

PS. Did I mention I'm transgender? "Female-to-Male Transsexual" is the pyschiatric term you could apply to me, but honestly I just think of myself as a Queer Trannyboi. I've had top surgery & I'm on hormones. I'm also open to talking about this with anyone who is interested in learning more or is trans themselves. I'm an open book.

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