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Hi I'm new here, haven't lurched much either. My wife and I are involved in a Poly relationship.

We lived in Vegas for a year and had some issues, so she turned to a friend back home to talk to about it and she says they fell in love.

I believe in the fact that people can fall in love with more than one person.

He moved 5K miles from Florida to Alaska to be with her, and we helped him get established up here.

But there have been some problems/issues, to be discussed elsewhere, of course.

Now there's another prospect. I've been talking to another of our friends back home (very close-knit group) and she's actually waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, not by me, but a potential Master for her, (we all practice BDSM in some form or another). My wife and I told her that if she wanted to abort (she's a young girl, 20), we would do an open adoption.

The other night my wife and her were talking and she mentioned moving up here and starting a big poly family. Which would be great.

So Here I am!
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