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Default moving day

PN and LB (Little Buddy, or my boy) arrived at Mono's at 2 to Mono and I going crazy packing and getting things in one spot for the move. Both the PN and LB got together and began taking things to the car. Mono and I concentrated on the big things... in no time we were off and wouldn't you know it the rain stopped every time the truck was filled with stuff to drive to our house. By 5 we were done and I made Mono something to eat while he unpacked the last stuff. By 6 PN and I were out to a potluck dinner that he had cooked for in the morning and Mono was unpacking. By the time we got home and said good-bye to my Dad he was almost done and we could see how he had laid out his new apartment... complete with my room and a room to do crafts, art and lye on the massage bed (Ceragem bed). It was lovely and such a serene place. Everything painted shades of brown and green and cream... dark blue bedspread and chair and in my room blue and white bed cover to match. Ahhhhh heaven. My home away from home at the bottom of an out side stair.

Last night after i came home from burlesque practice I watched a documentary with PN and ate popcorn, then I went down and had a massage and chatted with Mono, we snuggled in my bed and watched another documentary... both of us fell asleep there and it was heaven. A lovely night with both my men and I was not far from either of them. I could hear LB if he got up and could hear what was going on in my family life, rather than feeling so separate across the city.

now to see how the time will work out. So far so good on day two.... so much more to happen and I would think some discussion about balance to come also... LB is so happy with this arrangement. He is so gleeful that his best grown up friend lives with him...
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