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Default Until We Meet Again

This has been an incredible journey. Right now I am in a very heavy spiral but I just feel I need to step away from the site for awhile. This is my own decision and no one else has made this for me. I think I am putting too much on the things and advice and ideas that are put out here thinking that poly life is glamorous and full of happiness and love. Right now not so much. I am tired of hurting people I care about because they have to deal with my mono oriented mind. I have given all I can think of to the people I love and the solution seems to to be to ignore how they feel about each other like that won't cause even more pain. I can't be the one to cause that kind of pain. I love DH and J with everything that I have but my words here and out loud and my face expressions cause them pain and I hate that. So for now I am stepping out of the forum for a little while. I need to work out some issues on my own.
For the record I am not bowing out of any of my relationships. Just the forum for awhile. I wish you all well. And hopefully we can work through our problems. I will still look around here and probably post again eventually. But not for awhile. I just need to step back and see what I can do for my family. That is the only way I know to feel better. I can't feel better in this self pity journey I am on. So hopefully if I step back and wait and listen my family will know I am here to support them and that in the end will make me happy as well. So until we meet again my friends. Thank you.
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