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Yeah, right, tide me over????? Not so much. I forgot about one very important aspect which drives me totally bonkers! subdrop!

Sunday night was totally awesome! We had a blast!

I got played on, played on Possibility, Breathes played on someone else....great time had by all.

I had made arrangements to have Possibility here tonight because if I'm going to drop it's usually 48 hours later. Foiled by my body once again! I spent yesterday dropping . Fortunately Possibility and I had plans yesterday evening which could be changed. Instead of his getting some practice driving in for his test next week we just hung out at his place. I got some much needed down time & had people around & we got to spend some time together. We'll do the driving tonight if I'm feeling up to it by then.

I do everything in my power to avoid sub drop! It is not a pleasant experience for me, I'd rather visit the dentist. This was a totally new & different aspect of my D/s which had not been explored as yet so the unknowns were there. Now I know that I can NOT be played on & then almost immediately go to play on someone else.

If things had gone as planned there would have been a couple of hours between sessions but life being what it is that just didn't happen *sigh*.

Endorphins had me flying high only I wasn't feeling it at the point where I made the decision to play again *sigh*.

Live & learn.
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