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Close your eyes & count backward from ten to zero. You're not 'looking' at the problem because your eyes are closed & your mind isn't concentrating on it as it's focusing on the next number.

Variation: with closed eyes say ten random numbers slowly. Counting is such a rote thing that you might still be able to think about the problem.

Whenever possible I tend to just totally remove myself from the situation until I have my temper under control. If removing myself isn't an option I tell the person that I'm upset/angry & need a chance to cool off before we discuss it further. Some people know how to leave it alone, others will worry it (& you) to death until you finally do blow. Those who won't leave me alone until I cool off deserve what they get of my temper & I tell them I'm not responsible for the bodies left in my wake if they won't leave me alone about it.
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