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Question Developing a thicker skin

I have never taken criticism well so I have developed a very antagonistic nature and when provoked/criticised I generally bite back,I can't seem to 'breathe' and let it go ie think before I react/speak. My partners ex girlfriend(who he has a child with) and I have never got on but somehow until recently we kept it amicable. However due to our history,a nasty confrontation inevitably ensued after she 'commented' on our relationship and it upset all of us. I know he needs to get along with her for the sake of their daughter but I felt she invaded our space so I reacted..badly.
I get wounded by peoples comments easily(family and friends) and even the odd thing my partner asks of me to do with his ex wife and children,and even though its not a criticism I take it as one and retreat into my shell,which is exactly what happened after the recent altercation. I then became defensive(angry) and extremely anxious.
I understand part of this is a protective mechanism but if I am to grow as a person,I need to learn to let my anger dissipate before I react,but I don't know how to do that....

Any suggestions from you folks?
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