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Well, quick update. I let her know that Flea was going to spend a week with her friend. I figured that she would ask me if I was jealous, or worried, and I would use that as a starting point. But she just let it fly by like I never told her that my wife was staying overnight, in another state, with a man I hardly know. I guess I'll have to be a little more direct. Maybe the “guess what? I'm poly!” route is best in this situation. Maybe not quite that direct, but you know what I mean. Oh well, might as well live on the edge a little.

By the way, this is only the second time Flea has gone to see Puppy, and the first time was only overnight, and I had a complete emotional meltdown. This time she's gonna be gone for four days. I'm on day two, and I'm getting a little stir crazy. It's funny how you get used to someone being around all of the time. We've only been poly for about seven months now and the first couple of months were tough for me. Just thought I'd vent a little, hope ya’ll don’t mind.
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