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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Screeeeeeeeeeeetttccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (stepping on brakes) What a second here.......... "both agreed you'd have a poly AMOROUS relationship" and now.......... "they are such 'close friends'" and " jealousy trigger.....emotional attachments" So what do you THINK polyamory is ???????????
Originally Posted by enoki View Post
Except for you, GroundedSpirit - because my problem isn't the relationship itself, but the circumstances surrounding it. Thank you for berating me without taking the time to understand my situation.
I can understand how you felt attacked, but GS makes a valid point. Polyamory is specifically about close emotional attachments, not loveless flings. You admitted yourself that some of your issue with her was the closeness of their relationships.

The part that made my ears twist was "now she understands her place." That, to me, sounds derogatory. It sounds like you think she's lower or less important than you as a person.

It feels to me like you're in a competition with her, and that's never going to work.
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