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@ TruckerPete: We have the same very close-knit history together as we do a relationship.

I've known Selene the longest; we went to the same elementary school she was a grade above me. Oddly enough, we didn't say one word to each other until seventh grade and we were sitting out of P.E. on the same day-- and didn't say anything more than one sentence each until we met again in high school. We became very, very close friends via email (even though we lived very close), and began spending more and more time together the more time went on. She first told me she loved me when I was seventeen or so; the age may not be clear, but I'll always remember it. We now go to college together and have many of our classes together.

I did happen to get kicked out of that high school, and had to go to a different one closer to my house where I met Thunder and Vegeta. We were all in the same graduating class, and we spent almost every day together in senior year and beyond.

Selene introduced me to Company, whom she met on a forum. We all live in California, but Company used to live in Ohio. I became involved with Company almost immediately, and we married the same year. <3

About a year or so after Company and I married, Selene met Andulvar through her work and began dating him, and Vegeta and Ariel met online and began dating.

Things between all of us certainly didn't all start smoothly. For instance, I didn't like Andulvar at all when we first met, and I gave Ariel a very bad first impression. Almost nobody liked Company at first. Through the years we've known each other, the wrinkles have been slowly smoothed out...

Selene and Andulvar moved out on their own almost a year ago, and we've had more than a few encounters which made the term "polyamory" jump into our minds. At first we had a lot of problems finding a way for it to work and decided not to. That seemed like an end to the idea for a long time.

Then a month ago, Vegeta, Ariel, and Thunder got their first place in the same neighborhood as Andulvar and Selene. Little did anyone know, they'd begun their own polyamorous relationship (Thunder had wanted to keep it under wraps for his own reasons). Around the same time, Company and I were kicked out of my parents' house, and the three of them had the more room to take us in.

Ariel just pointed out to me that if we had stayed with Andulvar and Selene, this would never have happened. Interesting idea; obviously, there's no way to prove it, but Thunder is secretive enough that it's probably true.

This whole relationship was a surprise to me, because they talked about the possibility of it while I wasn't around a lot, and usually at school. I was also still upset about the tense situation with my parents, though the three of them were very, very there for me the entire time.

... Vegeta kept tapping her chest and saying "This is your home."
"Love as thou wilt."

Company is my husband. I'm dating Selene, Ariel, Vegeta, Thunder, and Andulvar.
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