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Originally Posted by EywaUK View Post
I'm just wondering what other peoples experiences have been of "coming out" to famillies etc about unconventional relationships.

My two partners and I have been together for probably about 18 months now. As time goes on though its becoming more and more difficult to be "a couple & their best friend who lives with them" which is how we've engineered things for our families until now.

All three of us have started to experience some uncomfortable questions about the closeness of our 'friendship'. For example, "Oh, G***'s bed always look perfect, almost as if its not been slept in" lol. Its got to the extent now that two of us now have been told by family members that something might be going on behind the others back!! (we struggled not to giggle at that one! lol)

All three of us are out to our famillies as being gay which has never been an issue, and we dont want to lie to them really but we just dont know whether its wise to come clean about our triple relationship or not. Have other people in threesome relationships "come out" to family??
My wife and I adopted a saying: "Those that matter most, won't care. Those that care, don't matter."

So basically, if they pitch a fit, let them go off and do their own thing. Simply put, don'ty associate with them as much. MOST family and friends, will, however, not be bothered by this. They will most likely see it as another transformation of your already "different" relationship.

When my wife came out to her mom, she though her mom would go berzerk. But in reality, her mom accepted it and said "I thought there was something a little different about you guy's relationship with S & D. Good for you!"

So don't be afraid of coming out. Embrace it and enjoy it.
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