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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It's not that he wasn't willing to help, it was that it was a surprise and he had already set his mind on the track he was going to take that day and the blinders were already on. Throwing in a change of plans, while not a big deal to you is a big deal to him. It requires shifting gears and re-structuring your whole thought process for the day. The first answer that comes to mind is NO, but once there has been time to think about it and re-evaluate everything it's OK.

My husband learned long time ago (I told him straight out), that I need at least 2 hours lead time to be ok with a change of plans. He used to wait until I got home to tell me we are supposed to go some place and about half the time I sent him without me other times I was grumpy for a good hour.

Funny thing is my mom had not figured this aout about my dad until I pointed it out and they had been married almost 30 years at that point.
This is exactly true. I realize that and accept it, but I don't get it because I am not like that. I fly by the seat of my pants quite often if I don't have something scheduled. Most of the time I do have something on...

I really like the idea of a two hour window that leads up to something unforeseen. I will see if this works for him and if he can relate.

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