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Thanks all, but I'm not sure if these things apply.

Ariakas-(awesome name btw) I work a grand total of 5 hours a week, two of them with him. I don't really think it would make sense for me to announce to my coworkers I am polyamorous. Also, my coworkers are mostly male, and I only work with one person at a time.

I am pretty certain he is interested in me... he visited my dorm at 3 in the morning and we cuddled. This is why I feel the need to tell him as soon as possible. That's not something that I would consider acceptable with someone else if I were in a monogamous relationship, so i feel like I am signaling that I am single in the "conventional' sense.

I like the idea of telling him my boyfriend approves of him, but thats seems to much like dropping a bomb in his lap. Also he's been rather shy with me.
(blushing, not meeting my eye, getting distracted, texting me when he was tipsy enough to be willing to walk over to see me in the middle of the night...)
College students may be adults but that doesn't guys aren't emotionally delicate

Any ideas on how to bring up poly/ having a boyfriend that are a little more...s ubtle? I am far too frank, which is great for communication until it comes to breaking news like this.
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