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This is Company reporting in. Here's some more about the situlation:

Thunder is a lonely fellow who wants someone to cuddle. He and I have had a talk about the possibility of him 'wooing' Marius or I in an attempt to bridge the gap between secondary and primary. The possibility exists, but neither of us are cheap dates, if you catch my meaning. There's an emotional investiture that we're looking for that he might not be ready for; he's having difficulty opening up fully. Do you know what he said to me the other day? Do you know what his bitch ass said to me? He said, "I don't have feelings." I should kick him in the teeth.

Marius, sitting beside me, would like to point out that we know he's lying. Hence, the teeth kicking.

This is a huge adjustment for all of us. Before this relationship I was the sort to be quite comfortable stewing in pessimism. When you have six people counting on you for support, one must needs muster enough hope to feed the family. Ariel is having issues with jealousy and Vegeta is resisting the need to find her own voice instead of letting others speak for her. Those other two guys (Andulvar & Selene), I don't know what they're doing. They're new, we're breaking them in still

The practical reality is that it all might completely explode and fall apart because too many people are adjusting at once, and we have little in the way of stability or foundation. For better or for worse, everyone in the relationship has agreed that we're determined not to let that happen.

Slow to act, quick to commit. We'll keep you all updated so you can watch the drama unfold!

Marius wants to point out that we are not, in fact, a sitcom.

Company disagrees.
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